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Under 3's

They occupy  first floor, the babies aged up to 18 months, (yellow room) enjoy a ratio of 1 adult to 3 children, allowing a great deal of adult-child interaction, so vitally important in the early years. They continue with a 1 to 3/4 ratio as they move towards three, in toddlers (Purple room).


There is a bedroom and milk kitchen therefore allowing the babies needs to be met as necessary. We have a monitor in the bedroom so the children can be heard from anywhere in the building and garden. All sleeping children are physically checked on 15 minutes.


A personal diary sheet helps to keep parents informed about their child's day this can be sent electronically.


The unit is well stocked with an abundance of floor toys, mobiles, construction toys, art activities, books for stories and singing etc thus ensuring a stimulating environment. During each session activities are planned inline with the children's favourite activities and a topic.


All staff are qualified in childcare and many have years of experience of working with this age group.


We ask parents to give us details of their daily routine before they start so we can incorporate this into the day. We can make up formula feeds but we ask you to provide the necessary formula powder, we also ask you to provide nappies, but not pull ups.


The babies move to toddlers when they are steady on their feet, but both rooms are used so they can move between them.


We also have a Sensory room which is used by all the children in small groups with a member of staff. This is a great area, painted dark but with lots of interesting lights,mirrors, tactile cushions and more being added all the time.



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