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Tel:  01873 856 031

Mob: 07584514115

Estyn is the governing body for nursery education in Wales.


What did Estyn say about us?


"the quality and standards of educational provision, taken overall, are appropriate and successfully promote the desirable outcomes from the children's learning."


"the children interact extremely well  with their learning environment confidently choosing the areas there they want to play and the equipment they need for their activities, yet seeking help from adults when required."


"Their understanding  of where food comes from  is developing as they grow, harvest and eat vegetables and observe the development of the pear tree int he garden through the year.  This is another outstanding feature of the nursery."


"During circle time at the end of each session the chidlren reflect and discuss their activities, show their work and appreciate the work of others. This is another outstanding feature."




ESTYN Inspection

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