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Tel:  01873 856 031

Mob: 07584514115


Daily activities follow a more structured timetable with opportunities given throughout the day for children to develop. Art and craft, puzzles and games, construction and small world toys are always accessible to all children.


We follow the same curriculum as the maintained sector, delivered by a qualified and motivated staff team in lovely surroundings.


And what's more, with a ratio of one member of staff to every eight children you can be sure that your child receives the care and attention they deserve.We also have an additional member of staff  to ensure all activities and areas can be accessed by all children.


A computer introduces every child to technology, along with Bee Bot who is a remote controlled beetle and Mr Scrambles who is a talking egg and they can play many games with him.


We also regularly have visits from outside agencies (music support, early years team), to offer further opportunities for the children.


We offer a broad and balanced curriculum which cover experiences beyond that which can be offered at home but in ways that compliment family life. As we are a small nursery they children still have the opportunities as they would have at home with the family such as, to help hang the washing on the line or going to the shops to buy things for snacks or lunch.


Activities are planned around the Foundation Phase, which is split into 7 areas of learning in accordance with guidelines from Estyn. Further details of the seven areas of development can be found on a separate page.


We are fully registered with Estyn, and our latest report is available on request.

Children are eligible for funding from the term after their third birthday. Please ask us for up to date details.