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Parent Partnership 


The nursery recognises that working in partnership with parents is of major value and importance in enabling it to provide a happy, caring and stable environment for children and their parents. We aim to form a good relationship with parents so that information regarding their children (be it developmental, social or health related) can be exchanged easily and comfortably by nursery staff and parents.


The list below shows ways in which we will try to achieve a strong working partnership with the parents of the children:


The manager or deputy manager is always available for discussion with parents. Arrangements can be made for a more private discussion at an agreed time.


Information provided by parents about their children will be kept confidential and treated on a strict need to know basis.

We have lots of different types of activity bags that can be taken home, there are bags with stories, bags of talk, bags of games and also bags of cooking. These are full of simple and engaging ideas for you to try at home.


Information about the children's activities throughout the day will be displayed in and around the building. There is a digital photo frame with pictures of what the children have been doing over the week so that parents can see what has been happening.

The topic is displayed in the conservatory and will also be put in the weekly bulletin that we send out with more in depth information of the activities and special days that is happening the following week, along with any other relevant information.


If we have any concerns about a child during the day then every effort will be made to contact the parents or their emergency contact.


Parents are requested to keep us informed of any changes to personal circumstances which may have an effect upon a child, - change of address, telephone numbers, doctor, emergency contact.


Parents are also requested to keep us informed of any circumstances which could have an effect on a child's emotional well being, bereavement, separation or illness within the family.