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Updates & News

Under Three’s -Our topic this month is Stories and one of the stories we chose was ‘Percy the Park Keeper’. Having read the children the story, we went for a walk to Bailey Park, where we collected conkers, leaves and pine cones. We also did some bark rubbing on the trees which the children thought odd because it was so uneven. We are following ‘Percy’ and trying to grow carrot tops and the children have enjoyed watering them and watching them sprout. Goldilocks was another story that the children had read to them and we carried out lots of activities on the story. They really enjoyed the Goldilocks role play and especially wearing the masks.


They also got really stuck in when it came to messy play with porridge. Another activity was matching three different sized bears with the correct size bowl, spoon, chair and bed. We moved on to the Gingerbread Man and made our own from mixing flour and water. We also made Gingerbread Men out of play-dough, sticking eyes, a nose, a mouth and buttons on them. Then we coloured ginger bread men making a number line from them and a display for the wall. Finally, we read the Three Little Pigs story and also listened to it on the CD, we held a puppet show with pig puppets, then made role play houses out of blocks, crates and material and had messy play with jelly where we had to look for the three pigs. Red Room Percy the Park Keeper was our first story to be chosen under our new topic of ‘Stories’ and we changed the role play house into Percy’s Hut, with our little ’park’ bench on the veranda. Inside we put our gardening equipment, wheel barrow, spades, brushes and watering cans to name but a few. We also looked at the changing colours of Autumn, collecting leaves of different colours and then used some of them for leaf printing to go on display on the door.


We then moved on to Rapunzel and talked about what we had heard in the story. We made a castle to go around our mark making area in the Red room, painting it before sticking it all together. We talked about castles, looking at how they were built and how strong they had to be. We went on a walk and had a look around Abergavenny Castle Following on from what we had seen we made swords and shields out of cardboard for our role play and dressed up as Kings and Queens. We talked about the Royal Family and looked through coins and on stamps to see the Queen. Our next story was Cinderella and we used our costumes to dress up as Cinderella and her sisters, and after listening to the story, we re-enacted it out, spring cleaning the Red room, dusting and scrubbing just like Cinderella. We talked about ‘maids’ and what they used to have to do for their employers and then went on to talk about who helps us around our homes.  


Yellow Room: We have said ‘Bon Voyage’ to Connor, Harry and Max, who have now moved across to the Purple Room, although Connor likes to come back and see us. We have two new recruits, Arthur and Louie, who are settling in well to our routines. Louie loves all the attention he is being given and Arthur loves his food. We have had many messy play sessions and shredded paper was popular, with various hairstyles being made with it. We also hid various toys inside it and Daniel, Keira and Nia liked this.


We have made trees and snowflakes this month. The pop up’ igloo’ was a good hiding place for Olivia and Taylor. Tapiwanashe likes to play with any noisy toy she can find, this sets her off dancing and laughing. Purple Room: At the start of this month we continued with the topic ‘Winter Wonderland’, before moving on to a new topic of ‘Through the Ages’. Lily, Mollie and Regan have been recognizing and repeating colours of the various toy hammers in the Purple room. Michael, Molly and Yesenia have enjoyed mark making this month. They have been using a pencil to ‘mark’ and represent their names on their pictures. As part of our topic ‘Through the Ages’,


Aaron and Tyler have been finding dinosaurs in the Purple room, collecting them up and ‘roaring’ at each other. We have welcomed Connor, Harry and Max into the Purple room and said goodbye to Aaron, Lily, Michael and Tyler, who have moved to the Red room. Red Room: This month our topic changed to ‘Through the Ages’. We started off by looking at dinosaurs. We made dinosaur masks and sorted dinosaurs by height, weight and size. We have created two lovely dinosaur displays, moved around like dinosaurs and role played with dinosaurs! We next moved on to cavemen and drew and painted ‘Caveman Dave’.


He has scruffy hair and he is now on display on the Red room door. Following this we all drew our own version of Dave, using charcoal, everyone loved giving him scruffy hair! We role played cavemen by ruffling our own hair and shaking our heads! Our Wendy house has been changed into a museum, where they have been buying tickets to enter, dressing up as ‘Princess’s’ and ‘Prince’s’, as in the Medieval times. We also hunted for fossils in the sand, looked at cave drawings and explored the garden for new things.