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Tel:  01873 856 031

Mob: 07584514115


We cater for all individual dietry needs, no matter what their age. This can be due to weening babies, medical reasons, parental wishes etc.


All meals are served in serving dishes for the children to help themsleves. Our aim is to encourage children to only take want they want to eat, and that they can have seconds if they clear their plate.


If the children are in at 8am they have breakfast which consists of cereals, fruit and milk. The children have a snack mid morning and afternoon, one of these snack will be a choice of 2 fruits or vegetables and the other may be something the children have cooked themsleves or rice cakes, buttered crackers etc. We only occassionally have sweet snacks.

Lunch is a two course home cooked meal served at 12 noon, the children have the option of fresh fruit if they would prefer rather than a pudding. A light tea is served at 4.30pm.


No salt is added, and added sugar is kept to an absolute minimum.


All meat, fish, fruit and vegetables are sourced locally. Meat is traceable and fish line caught. All children that are in for a full day are offered 5 portions of fruit or vegetables. All children are able to have breakfast as long as they are in before 8.15am..


The Kids club children are given a snack as they come in from school and then they are given tea.  During the holidays they will also have the three meals and 2 snacks as described above if they are in at the times of those meals.



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