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Tel:  01873 856 031

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Kids Club

The club is open before school, after school and during school holidays providing continuity for the children in an environment they are already familiar with.


The children can have breakfast; they are given a snack and a drink when they get in after school, and they have tea at 4.30 pm. During the holidays they also have a cooked two-course lunch.


They are taken to school in a car,  by a member of staff who ensures they are safely delivered and collected. We can also be the emergency contact for the child so that we can collect them if they are poorly, at least then they can curl up on a settee or bed until parents can be contacted.


If they have after school clubs we cannot, usually, go back for them. Please ask someone to drop them off to us after the club.


The Kids Club operates under the same policies and procedures as the Nursery. We are registered with 4 children and we follow a programme of activities to incorporate their interests and ages.


Parents are asked to keep us informed about school trips when they might be late returning, and also teacher training days. We will try and accommodate the children when the school is closed but can only do this if we have plenty of notice. Please remember we don't have direct contact with the school's, you need to tell us about training days.


Priority during the holidays is given to those children who attend all year round,  we will then try and fit in any who want holiday care only.


On a daily basis the children need to be here by 8.30am as the car needs to leave then to get to all the schools on time. If they are wanting breakfast they need to be here by 8.15 am. Please let us know by 8.15 am if they do not require transport on a particular day.